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Absence Notifications

Students may contact the Office of Student Assistance in cases where they are absent from class for an extended period of time (48 hours or more).  Documentation will be required to support the absence. The Office of Student Assistance will utilize Orange SUccess to send absence notifications to faculty.  For absences lasting less than 48 hours, the student should discuss academic arrangements with their faculty. 

When a student experiences an emergency that keeps them from attending classes for an extended period of time, Student Assistance is able to notify the student's home college about their absences. If the student is unable to contact Student Assistance, a family member, or staff member may contact Student Assistance to request an absence notification when a student will have short-term and/or unexpected absences from the University.

Student Assistance will provide appropriate notifications to home school/college and/or faculty on the student’s behalf.  Absences which warrant absence notification may include, but are not limited to: alleged victim of a crime, personal illness or personal injury that result in hospitalization, or death of family member or close friend.

Upon returning, the student may need to provide documentation for the absence to the home school or college and/or faculty, if requested. The student should remember that they will need to speak directly with each professor as soon as they are able to in order to make arrangements to complete any necessary work.

Important to note:

  • An absence notification does not excuse the absence or replace the absence policy listed on the course syllabus. Faculty may excuse the absence at their own discretion.
  • An absence notification is prepared for a student for emergency/critical situations only (e.g. illness/injury, hospitalization, death in family, alleged victim of a crime, etc.).
  • A student should always speak to their faculty directly to arrange making up any missed work.
  • When possible, Student Assistance should be contacted prior to the student leaving campus and not after the student has returned.


Any student, family member, or staff member wishing to request an absence notification must discuss this request with a case manager in Student Assistance by calling 315-443-4357(HELP).