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Making a Referral

Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to report behaviors that they feel are concerning or worrisome (no matter how small or insignificant they may seem).

Why Make a Referral?  Four Important Reasons:

  1. Early intervention means rapid solutions:  Often, a quick response to provide a distressed student with timely resources will ensure that the student remains successful academically.  Late intervention often involves missed classes, isolation from friends and family, possible withdrawals or late drops and an overall interruption in the student’s experience.
  2. Connecting the Dots: Our office receives reports from all over campus.  Our ability to connect your concerns with the concerns of others means we are able to provide a greater level of support for each student involved. 
  3. We Care, You Care: Making a referral shows that you care enough to get the student the help he or she needs.  It means you are not prepared to let a student fall through the cracks.  It means that SU is a community that takes care of its members.
  4. It Might Be Required: Under certain circumstances, Faculty and staff are obligated to report acts of violence and other threatening behaviors. 


What happens when you make a Referral?

Case Managers may reach out to students if we are made aware that they may be struggling with some aspect of campus life and/or have been impacted by a recent event. A meeting will be scheduled in which the case manager and student will discuss current struggles or barriers as well as action planning for future follow up including possible referrals to additional supports and ongoing case management within Student Assistance. Interaction with a case manager may continue throughout the semester or longer as determined by the case manager and student.

To make a referral, please call 315-443-4357(HELP) or email at